Who Is Chris O'Connor from Netflix's Tires? 7 Things to Know About Actor (2024)

Comedian Chris O'Connor has teamed up again with Shane Gillis in the new Netflix series: Tires.

Tires is a new comedy series created by Shane Gillis, John McKeever, and Steve Gerben. It premiered all six episodes on May 24 and is already renewed for a Season 2.

The storyline revolves around Will (Steve Gerben), who inherits his family's struggling auto-repair business, Valley Forge Auto. As Will attempts to rejuvenate the business, he faces constant sabotage from his obnoxious cousin Shane (Gillis).

O'Connor is a main character named Cal, who is a quiet mechanic who works at Valley Forge. The comedian and long-time associate of Gillis initially appeared in the 2019 pilot for Tires that was posted to Gillis' YouTube page.

7 Things To Know About Tires Actor Chris O'Connor

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Chris Is a Stand-Up Comedian

Chris O'Connor is most well known for being a stand-up comedian from the Philadelphia area. Now residing in New York City, O'Connor has been recently been touring with comedian Andrew Santino.

According to his official website, he is going to be performing all across the United States this year, including shows with Shane Gillis and Santino.

Chris Co-Hosts a Podcast

Alongside comedian Tommy Pope, O'Connor hosts Stuff Island, a podcast that often features other comic guests.

Stuff Island has over 40 thousand subscribers on YouTube and over 4,000 patrons on Patreon. The channel's biggest episodes all feature Shane Gillis, who guest appeared in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

The podcast series also has upcoming live shows at the end of May and through most of June.

Chris Starred in Gilly and Keeves

After being fired from SNL, Shane Gillis collaborated with John McKeever and started a web series YouTube channel Gilly and Keeves.

Chris O'Connor is known for being one of the writers on Gilly and Keeves, notably co-writing and also starring in the viral Trump Speed Dating sketch.

According to IMDB, O'Connor wrote (or was an additional writer on) the following episodes on the Gilly and Keeves page:

  • Sleep Cop
  • Militia Funeral
  • The Last White Football Team
  • Kidnapped
  • Trump Speed Dating
  • Blind Guy Ruins Wedding
  • Apology Press Conference
  • The Mattress
  • OnlyFans Dad

Chris is a Philadelphia Eagles Fan

Chris O'Connor is from Philadelphia and is a major Philly sports fan, including the Eagles. He often can be seen wearing Eagles merchandise in episodes of his Stuff Island podcast.

In addition, the Eagles fan phrase "Go Birds" is even a part of his podcast's official YouTube description. O'Connor can also often be seen wearing a variety of sports team jerseys or hats like the New York Yankees or the Philadelphia Flyers.

Chris Hosts a Cooking Show

As part of the Stuff Island YouTube channel, Chris O'Connor helps host a cooking show titled Look at Dish.

The series follows O'Connor and co-host Tommy Pope cooking a variety of different dishes in a comedically entertaining and mouth-watering casual cooking show.

Their full-length Look at Dish Philly Cheesesteak episode from 2022 has over 67 thousand views and a shorter clip titled Shane Gillis VS The Sponge recently got viewed a similar amount earlier this year.

Chris Hates Naps

During an episode of Stuff Island, Chris O'Connor brought up how he used to love taking naps, but now they're his "mortal enemy:"

"Now they are my mortal enemy. I see them as a villain."

He went on to explain when he feels himself falling asleep around "four o'clock" he tells himself "don't f***ing do this me dude:"

"When you get your sleep schedule right and then four o'clock hits...and you're like don't f***ing do this me dude! Do not do this to me."

Chris Wishes He Was Adopted

Chris O'Connor joked about wanting to be adopted during a 2023 episode of Stuff Island.

He brought up to his co-host Tommy Pope the idea that adopted children always want to find their real families. O'Connor then stated that he always wanted to "find out [he] was adopted:"

"I always wanted to find out I was adopted."

When asked why by Pope, he replied, "For an excuse" for how he behaved as a kid.

He went on to jokingly add that he "wanted to find [his] parents that left me" despite living with his real parents because then he could blame something for being "f***ed up:"

"Like I was a kid who wanted to find my parents that left me even though I was living with my real parents...And I could just go be like, 'Yeah, I know I'm f***ed up... because you stole me from my actual parents.'"

How To Follow Chris O'Connor Online

Fans looking to learn more about Chris O'Connor online can do so by following his Instagram page (@achrisoconnor) or subscribing to his podcast's YouTube account.

Tires is streaming now on Netflix.

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Who Is Chris O'Connor from Netflix's Tires? 7 Things to Know About Actor (2024)


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